Monday, February 8, 2016

POlyline Tutorial on AutoCAD 2016 2017, Polyline

Polyline Tutorial On Autocad 2016 AutoCAD 2017
Polyline is the combination of line. POlyline not only can create regular line, but also other type of line, such as arc, radial, etc.
It's my second tutorial i create it by my self.
I hope i can regularly creating a screen cast on my learning.

Line Tutorial AutoCAD 2016 2017

Line is the basic of drawing in AutoCAD.
This is my first tutorial on AUtoCAD on Youtube,
i hope everyone enjoy it.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Understanding xy coordinate on AutoCAD

Every objects that was sketched in AutoCAD's GUI  based on a simple X,Y coordinate. In AutoCAD, this is called World Coordinate System (WCS).  This is for simple 2d graphics, for 3Ds, there will be a new axis that is Z axis.

Pic 1.1 simple x,y coordinate on AutoCAD 
AutoCAD use a point in a coordinate to define object;s position. This point defined relative to the origin point (0,0). All point must be defined relative to this center point. For example if you want to create a horizontal line from point 0,0 (it match x positive axis) 
On above pic, a 9,6 coordinate, means the point is 9 in X axis and 6 units in Y axis . So when you work with AutoCAD, u have to define x point first, then the Y point. 
For example (-10,-4) point, means this point is 10 point on the left of 0,0 (or x negative) and 4 point below Y axis 
The second pic define how a line created between (-10,-4) and (9,6).

Pic 1.2 a line created from 10,4 to +9,+6